About Us

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! A little about myself... I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and love it here! I have a very patient and motivating husband and 3 wonderful children. My oldest 2 were the seeds to my inspiration, twins Lilly + Brooke! And my 3rd, Penny, has lead my down another path of creativity where I hope to become a designer for the very textiles I work on a daily basis with. My first encounter with a sewing machine was while in high school. With much guidance, I made an oriental dress my teacher would be in awe of, proudly displaying it in the room for most of the semester. With this, I always knew sewing would remain in my future. Almost 20 years later, I have taken numerous classes to advance my skill set along with plenty of research and self taught methods for my items. My passion and excitement of creating new items continues to grow. This creative outlet isn't just a hobby, but a passion and my own small business I started in 2014 from my dining room table. Now I have a dedicated large space in my new home where all my items are still created with much attention to detail and packaged one by one.  Every piece is made with pride, passion, and care. And it is my hope that when you receive your Lillybrooke Baby package, it puts a little smile on your face, too. :)